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  • Comprehensive workflow management solutions

    Innocore is developing a comprehensive workflow management solution for a waste management company based in USA. The solution enables clients to effectively manage projects seamlessly coordinating with multiple stakeholders involved in the process. Logo
  • Scaling up technology and operations

    Helping a global High Frequency Trading Firm headquartered in NY, USA in scaling up their technology and operations team worldwide. Innocore has been primarily involved in ramping up teams in India for their captive. Logo
  • Connecting employers and applicants seamlessly.

    Innocore is currently involved in developing an interview platform that helps employers to reduce time to hire and improve recruitment process efficiency. The solution involves a web application built on Ruby and Rails and an mobile application which connecting employers and applicants seamlessly. Logo
  • Comprehensive web and mobile applications

    Innocore has developed a comprehensive web and mobile (iOS) application for a US technology startup in food industry. The solutions enables Restaurant Owners to providing off-menu items online and food-lovers can order fresh food online to either dine-in or take out. Innocore also supports in providing necessary sales and marketing support to this startup. Logo
  • Hiring senior leadership roles for globally quantitative companies

    Innocore has been instrumental in hiring senior leadership roles for a Global Quantitative Trading & Research Company headquartered in CT, USA. Logo

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