Technology-WallpaperDriving Technology

Innocore Solutions helps its clients to achieve high performance, by aligning their business requirements with innovative technologies to drive breakthrough results.


We at Innocore Solutions leverage our expertise with industry knowledge and technical know- how, with unmatched delivery capabilities for better business results. Our strength in Analytics and Cloud help our clients to power SAP S/4HANA across all business spectrum that delivers value to the business.

  • Finance Transformation
  • Outsourcing Services for SAP
  • Sales and Customer Services
  • SAP Analytics
  • SAP Cloud
  • SAP Mobility
  • Sou​rcing and Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Talent and HR


Innocore has partnered with Salesforce to bring the benefit of cloud computing to organizations of all types. Together we make it easy for companies by making more applications so customers can focus on building their core business. The fastest-growing areas of business like after- sales-service and support, human resource, contract management, and supply, we build an application that helps customers run their business smarter in the cloud.

When it comes to implementing Salesforce Solution, Innocore’s solution will apply expert-level skills, methods, and project management techniques to help clients manage their business in a dynamic environment. By applying an agile and flexible operation, our focus is to enable our customer to take advantage of cloud computing services and improve their business operations.

We are implementing multiple Salesforce Cloud that will bring targeted results by incorporating Cloud®, Service Cloud, Exact Target Marketing Cloud®, Chatter®, and Salesforce1 Our partnerships with innovative technology contribute value to our customer’s business.

Innocore’s effectively manages complex strategy with proven methodologies including planning, integration, and deployment. This help in providing the services required to manage a higher level of maturity, effectiveness and responsiveness.


Cooperation and collaboration are the key factors in modern day businesses. Workday has been applauded for its human capital management that oversee employee data, procurement, time tracking, expense management and financial accounting. Innocore’s partnered with Workday to provide cutting-edge technology, and provide customers with integrated modules with strong expertise in search, and predictive analytics.

Innocore Workday consulting helps clients to modernize HR and finance management. The consolidated power of Innocore and Workday can change talent into a competitive advantage, which brings employee productivity and pave the way for financial growth and better performance.

By partnering with Innocore, our customers can have smarter HR management capabilities with deeper insights. Companies can use Workday Human Capital Management to:

  • An organization can use the expertise in aligning skill, culture, organizational pattern, with the business strategy to enjoy the benefits of Workday. It helps to improve the HR function and allow them to make use of the complete potential of your resources.
  • Our qualified team can support you with HR, IT strategy, infrastructure assessment, software selection, and mobile strategy and lay the technology infrastructure to practice smart HR policy.
  • Our clients can take advantage of the Workday’s centralized platform for complete financial implementation, similar to HR management.
  • We can support your business with HR contact center management, employee data management, benefits, payroll, general accounting, financial reporting delivered through a system using the Workday system.


Innocore’s has a deep understanding of the business processes and is backed by a comprehensive Oracle portfolio, we can provide end-to-end services to our clients’ vis-a-vis Oracle products. To simplify our client’s infrastructure management, we combine Oracle expertise to streamline the integration of the processes and business operations to drive competitive advantage. Our approach to enterprise systems is to drive growth that improves ROI.

Why choose Innocore for your Oracle Solutions

  • We give our customers the opportunity to use the most sophisticated and reliable Oracle solutions, with the ability to meet the needs of all types of business. They get access to a functional middleware software suite with a range of powerful and adaptable, high- performance solutions.
  • We take utmost care of our deliveries by combining the most suitable technologies and expertise to help customers meet their business requirements, and we maintain flexibility and agility.


Innocore’s cloud services can help deliver business models to operate efficiently and run the business better. Using cloud as part of the business process we unlock new opportunities for creating richer and unparalleled customer experience.

Our Services

  • Business Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Implementing Software as a Service
  • Cloud/Cyber Security
  • Business Process as a Service

Application Services

Drawing on our experience across all major industries, we develop an application that meets the need for most IT problems. We adopt one of two approaches to development in full lifecycle application projects. Innocore combines a deep technology expertise to analyze, develop, implement and integrate new capabilities for both mainstream and emerging technologies. We add value by streamlining, and updating the legacy application latforms including:

Innocore Provides Java &.NET application development services in the following areas:

  • Embedded Software
  • Application Modernization & Optimization
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Software Package Customization
  • Large & Complex System Delivery
  • Mobile
  • Open Source Platforms (JBoss/Spring)
  • Cloud
  • Web Solutions

We modernize your legacy system with a strategic approach to low investment. Innocore aligns with the client’s business practices by optimizing business performance and contributing a greater proportion. We remove the operational slacks efficiently and utilize IT services by strategically aligning with existing business process for optimized production.


We offer wide range of services our customers and help them gain long- term benefit from their current applications:

  • Application compliance — provides an actual perception of the legacy systems, to develop the application to integrate with the current applications.
  • Application mining— Understand business requirements from software applications and allocate them for further analysis for advanced engineering.
  • Remedial services—this improves the performance of the applications’ functionality, which makes it maintenance free in a highly potential framework.
  • Legacy Migration— we move the system to a current environment without having to stop your business operation or process.