Innocore Operations enables an organization to automate business and digitize the processes, open new fronts and give insights that help them to deliver better.

Our team’s functional and technological expertise make it possible for us to fulfill our client’s core businesses and service. We plan a program that makes it comfortable for us to infiltrate the marketplace. Operation as service – Innocore has the skills and technology to make it possible to confront the digital revolution.

Compatible with both public and private platforms. Safe and easy integration enables our customer to set up services across providers ranging from including Amazon Web Services, NTT, and Microsoft Windows. Clients are without a private cloud can make use of our service of private clouds, which is built on VMware, Open Stack, and others.


Business Process

In the modern world, we are looked up as a strategic partner to organizations. We manage to run their process and operations to achieve their business goals. Applying practical analytics, we help organizations to improve their business performance, enhance productivity and drive returns.

Our Services under Business Process outsourcing are:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Talent & HR
  • Accelerated R&D
  • Credit Services
  • Health Administration
  • Wellness Management (Health)
  • Insurance
  • Network
  • Capacity Solutions
  • Service Programs (Utilities)

Hybrid Cloud:

Innocore has been able to live up to the expectation of the clients in Hybrid Cloud Services. We see our customer’s core need is the scalability of their services, data protection, and seamless business operations, and Innocore have the expertise to integrate the system easily into their existing base.

  • Cloud Management Capabilities: Innocore ensures its clients have an efficient cloud experience that enhances business productivity. Public or Private platform, we optimize the cloud application based on the factors like; network, device type, browser and business environment. Our service easily integrates with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and more.
  • Customize your Cloud Application: The Managing of cloud application doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Our solution is powered by OpenStack, VCloud Suite, and VMware, which allows the flexibility to integrate easily with your infrastructure.
  • Handling Multiple Providers: Most businesses use multiple cloud services from multiple providers for their different uses.Innocore Cloud platform enable clients to receive the benefit of our automated cloud platform to access multiple cloud service from a single point of control.
Security and Compliance:

Putting up and managing cloud resources don’t have to be a repetitive, manual task. Our service is powered by OpenStack®, VMware vCloud Suite, you can easily customize the configuration of your stack. You can define access policies. It is fully configurable and can easily integrate with your business operations.


Our Security strategy is to develop a network security infrastructure, policies and procedures.

As one cohesive unit, the strategy is to minimize risk and to provide the desired level of IT security.

Why Innocore Solutions

Innocore enterprise security program is designed and prioritized in the order of people, policy, and technology.

  • Defense: We develop layers of defense strategies and each layer work in tandem to provide one cohesive security mechanism. This layered approach helps them to protect data and improve efficiency.
  • Holistic Approach: We use a customized holistic approach that reduces any chance of breach. Our solution is intended to respond faster to mitigate potential impact quickly and effectively.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: We have flexible delivery options for your specific needs. Our cloud security support solutions help control costs, even in the cloud environment.

We cater a wide range of services to help our customers improve their data security objectives:

  • Comprehensive Approach: From strategy to risk mitigation, we integrate security elements to business objectives to evaluate the current security situation. Based on the findings we deploy the suitable level of security and operating model, and execute security strategy.
  • Enterprise security services: Protect IT infrastructure through managing methods designed to carry a strong base within the premises of the organization.
  • Extended security: Deploy appropriate technologies to defend the company in the extended IT environment from the outer world.
  • Cyber-Security: We understand the most value from security investments by concentrating on business-critical operations, studying deep threats to the enterprise, and implement corrective measures.

Infrastructure Transformation Services

We are one of the companies that provide cost-effective and innovative methods in infrastructure innovation service.

  • Operations Transformation
  • Data Center Transformation
  • Workplace Transformation
  • Network Transformation
  • Data Center Transformation

Our broad range of data center transformation services can help you to scale better and overcome IT complexity, to accomplish business objectives.

  • Our service-oriented approach provides specific IT delivery needs and generates outcomes following defined business priorities. We provide:
  • Optimization: Helps you to deliver cost-effective data center services to business users while developing service accessibility.
  • Data center automation: The system automates the manual chore connected with the process of patching and support.
  • Private cloud implementation: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing solutions is integrated into a service program, with optional service assurance.